Celeres utilises a multi-disciplinary investment strategy focused on maximizing long-term capital appreciation. We invest only in people and businesses that we have a high degree of conviction in, and we will happily double or triple down on those investments as they grow.

Our interests lie primarily in the following verticals:

Focus Areas

  • Enterprise SaaS
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Financial Technology
  • Cybersecurity
  • Internet Marketplaces
  • Specialist Lending
  • Digital Health
  • Food & Beverage

Venture Capital

Celeres Investments' venture capital arm consists of start-up and scale-up businesses across a variety of sectors including FinTech, Logistics, F&B, Cybersecurity, AI and Digital Health. We focus on operating companies with an established track record of high growth who are leveraging technology to accelerate innovation and disruption in legacy industries.

As a single family office, we have no defined limits on size or structure; but we generally target equity investments of £2M to £10M with a geographic focus in the UK and USA. We are open to invest alongside other institutional investors, with the ability to lead a round as appropriate.

While we prefer to find great businesses with excellent management already in place, we believe in some cases we can provide added value through our own operational and investment experience. Several of our prior investments have also involved turnarounds and restructurings of quality businesses that had been managed inefficiently. Our experts are here to support you and your business with a variety of tools and value-added services.

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Focus Areas

  • PBSA
  • Sale & Leasebacks
  • Professional Housing
  • Distressed Assets
  • Tenant Arbitrage

Real Estate

Our team is exclusively immersed in direct UK real estate investment, asset management and development, with deep market knowledge and a broad spectrum of relationships. The resolute goal is to generate the highest quality, risk mitigated, compounding returns in the UK real estate market.

We aim to identify and construct a portfolio of attractive real estate investments that have the potential for long-term real income growth, thus serving as a store of value and inflation hedge. Our equity ticket sizes are generally between £5M and £15M.

Our team is focused on identifying and analysing risks to be incorporated into the underwriting and business plan so they can be adequately mitigated at acquisition. Both during underwriting and during the hold period, our team continues to combine input from the research, investment, asset management and operations teams along with a consistent loop of feedback from local operating partners.

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Focus Areas

  • Property Finance
  • Balance Sheet Finance
  • Mezzanine Debt
  • Invoice Factoring


We provide capital to entrepreneurs or intermediaries looking to free their balance sheet and liberate the cash held within their companies' assets. We provide substantial sums of working capital with the aim to enable the expansion of our partners' operations while ensuring the company has a healthy cash flow.

We work with experienced property developers to provide mezzanine and bridge financing for development opportunities with strong fundamentals.

We are happy to help you bring all your finance facilities under one roof, or work alongside other capital providers.

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Joint Ventures

In addition to direct investments, we are always open to doing business with idea generators who can help us identify potential new investments and business opportunities. We like to partner with individuals who are experts within their domain and are in need of an anchor investor to help fuel the growth of their business.

We like to set up a joint venture where we proactively structure deals with clearly aligned outcomes for both parties in mind, and we don't mind being passive partners in the right situations.

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