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    Deep North

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    Video Analytics

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    March 2020

About Deep North
Deep North is “Google Analytics” for the physical world. It´s an end to end software only solution that combines artificial intelligence with computer vision to help business enterprises and government agencies around the world with the task to digitalize and analyze human behavioral metrics in the physical world, and the tools to act upon the insights. Deep North is developed to govern and preserve the integrity of each and every individual by the highest possible standards of anonymization.

Deep North lets shopping malls, grocery stores and the brick-and-mortar retail stores reclaim the consumer traffic from the digital world. The company provides commercial environments with a unique combination of leading-edge analytical technologies, based upon artificial intelligence, and visual analytics integrated with deep learning algorithms. Deep North´s products give retailers the ability to track, assess, interpret and predict the latest consumer behavior – let them know the consumer demographics and engagement in their commercial, physical space.  The client can now “see” consumer activity in real time—across an entire mall property, a grocery store, a retail chain, or a commercial event.