Financial Technology

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Credit Card

  • Who

    JaJa Finance (Exit to KKR & TDR Capital)

  • What

    Innovative Consumer Finance

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  • When

    January 2019

About JaJa Finance

(Majority exit to KKR & TDR Capital in November 2021)

Jaja is an UK-based consumer finance business with a pipeline of innovative consumer finance solutions in the making. They are working closely with Visa as a Principal Member and leveraging their own consumer credit license authorised by FCA to challenge and disrupt the archaic consumer finance industry, 

Their first consumer solution is the JaJa Card - a mobile-first credit card that is managed entirely through the Jaja app, and purpose-built to be customer centric from the credit ledger up. The product is designed to liberate consumers by redefining the consumer experience as we know it; making credit cards simpler, fairer and easier to manage. 

They have also launched a white label facility called JaJa Pay that allows shoppers to apply and get approval for a credit facility at the point of sale. The company is leveraging efficient credit provision at the checkout to allow for incremental sales increases by allowing customers access to instant credit.