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    Identity withheld for privacy

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    Property Finance

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    Newquay, Cornwall

  • When

    July 2020

About Project Staycation
The C-19 pandemic and the resulting work from home guidance created a sudden shift in consumer behaviour as people started to realise that living in a concrete jungle is not the be-all and end-all of life. As a result, we started to track several coastal towns around the UK to see where there was capacity and demand for tier 1 residential units. Naturally, this led us to Newquay, Cornwall which is the second most expensive place in the UK to buy a property after London. Its unique topography and stunning landscapes has proven to be popular amongst second home buyers from London for the escapism they offer as buyers are increasingly spending more time in their second homes.

Celeres partnered with one of the most renowned local developers who are known for transforming derelict properties around Cornwall and converting them to luxury apartments claiming a "Mykonos meets Ibiza" design.